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Avoid the Domino Effect! Formfile's File Support Racks keep your files in line. Whatever you need we have the 

right rack to suit your filing needs.

Our support Racks save shelf space and reduce wear and tear on your files. Whle at the same time making your folders easier to find, and easier to file. 


Rack - Square - available in 4 sizes

The Formfile range of square file support racks come in a variety of sizes to suit all Formfile tambour door cabinets, compactus-style mobile shelving units and open bay shelving units. Durable and sturdy these racks are designed to ensure that the Formfile colour coded lateral filing system sits upright in the cabinets. Additional functionality means they can stand alone on the desk providing a neat solution to individual desk filing.

R1200 Square Rack specifications:  1200mm W x 227mm D x 238mm H

R1050 Square Rack specifications: 1050mm W x 227mm D x 238mm H

R900 Square Rack specifications: 900mm W x 227mm D x 238mm H

R750 Square Rack specifications: 750mm W x 227mm D x 238mm H

$42.52 each - R1200: 1200mm Wire Rack


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$42.52 each - R1050: 1050mm Wire Rack


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$30.58 each - R900: 900mm Wire Rack


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$30.58 each - R750: 750mm Wire Rack


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