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Formfile range of Ancillary Filing Products make your Formfile system even easier to set up and use. These 'Optional extras' help you organise new files and keep track of of everything. Your labels can be easily accessed and stored using the Label Dispenser Box and the Formfile Three Ring Binder. With a Data Box on your desk you can easily see the the labels you need. While Formfile's Outguides and Transit Slips help you track the files being used.

Formfile 3-Ring Binders

Formfile Three Ring Binders are designed to hold the Formfile colour coded label range. The translucent folder allows the user to easily see if the labels require replenishment.

Formfile Binder specifications:

 *Used to hold label sheets


$22.28 each - ARB: Single 3 Ring Binder


= $0.00


Label Dispenser Box

Formfile's Label Dispenser Boxes are designed to hold the entire range of Formfile colour label rolls. Used either individually or joined together in groups the Label Dispenser Boxes are perfect for high volume label dispensing. The smoke coloured dispensers are a discrete and professional way to store and distribute the colour codel label rolls.

 Label Box Dispenser specifications:

 *Smoke coloured long-lasting plastic dispensers

$15.35 each - ALD: Single Label Dispenser Box


= $0.00


Tidy Files Plastic Desk Box

Lattice style plastic system box.

# A must for every desk - great for transporting files

Available in A5 & A4

A must for every desk – great for transporting files

  • A5 - 235 x 104 x 162mm - Graphite 
  • A4 - 326 x 104 x 222mm - APO Grey


Available in A4

The tip extends for more capacity and accessibility

  • A4 - 332 x 104 x 220mm - Graphite


$8.80 each - TF940040-10: A5 Plastic Desk Box - Graphite - 100mm wide storage


= $0.00

$13.75 each - TF940017-10: A4 Plastic Extenda Box - Graphite


= $0.00

$8.80 each - TF070022-APO: A4 Plastic Desk Box - APO Grey - 104mm wide storage


= $0.00