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Document-Scan: A Premium Quality Document Scanning and Imaging Service.

Formfile Document scanning serviceMany companies can offer you ‘cheap and cheerful’ document scanning. But if you’re looking to back up highly important paper originals with real precision, or convert bulky paper records into top quality digital files, you’ll find Formfile’s Doc-Scan service second to none.

We have the state-of-the art scanning equipment and skilled operators needed to deliver the finest text and image clarity; and the content and management systems essential to performing all work to exacting standards of accuracy - no matter how large or small your volume requirements or what size, type or format your documents take.

Formfile document scanning service

OCR technology lets you make the most of your new digital files.

To turn the words and/or graphics images of your scanned PDF documents into readily searchable (and selectable) text, we can build Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities into the file conversion process. Enabling you to easily search any scanned document for specific text; add bookmarks and hyperlinks on text; copy and paste text to another document; and utilise a number of advanced text editing tools. 

Formfile’s complete professional respect for the confidential nature of your information is also part of the premium Doc-Scan service. But it’s certainly not something we charge any extra for.

In fact, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is to have your job done brilliantly well ~ and delivered to you right on time.

What can be scanned:

Scanned or imaged documents do not have to be conventional paper items but could include:

 Photographs – many schools and public institutions are creating historical galleries with their old photographs. The photographs are available for public viewing and can be added to websites while the originals remain in a safe environment. Scanning the photograph also allows for some digital enhancement such as adjusting the contrast or colour balance.

 Slides and micro fiche – these items can be scanned and made available without the requirement for old fashioned equipment and once scanned these historical documents are easily retrievable and available to wider audience then when in their original state.

 XRays, MRI’s and CT Scans – once scanned these items are easily available without the need to store the original materials.

 Building Plans – once scanned large building plans can be stored in a digital database and be made readily available for review onsite. Large original documents can be rolled into plan boxes for long term storage where they will be safe from damage. Once the scanned images are uploaded into a digital archive repository they can be easily edited, book marks added and many advanced editing tools can be used.

 Wedding Registers and Other Bound Items – any bound item or book can be scanned into a digital format.

To discuss your specific needs (or arrange a quote), simply call 1800 FORMFILE to speak with our Customer Service Team or   EMAIL US