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formfile document storage
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Our Secure Paper Document Archiving Storage Facilities.

Formfile archive storage facilitiesEvery Formfile Records Centre operating throughout Australia is equipped with advanced Security Systems that offer the highest levels of protection against ‘intruder’ theft; and fire (or moisture) damage to documents. 

Every carefully screened member of staff has signed a Confidentiality Agreement that ensures all private information stays that way.

Every Formfile Archive Box used to store paper documents is specially designed to resist crushing or splitting open; and for quick identification and retrieval of its contents has a barcoded label that directly links to Formfile’s Electronic Document Cataloguing System (EDCS).

As well, every Formfile branded van in our dedicated courier fleet is GPS tracked - irrespective of whether its picking up documents from your premises that you wish to store, or returning archived records back to your company. So at all times, we can tell you exactly where your information is - never just guess.