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Formfile Records Personnel Outsourcing

Formfile Records ConsultantsToday, all organisations are faced with filing, storing and managing ever increasing volumes of paper and digitally-produced documents. Creating real pressure on keeping internal records systems up-to-date. But it’s not the only reason businesses are seeing value in outsourcing dedicated records personnel to support their permanent office staff.

As more and more companies invest in replacing old filing methods with fully integrated Formfile systems, calling in trained records specialists to look after the conversion process is the secret to ensuring a smooth and seamless transition.

Formfile can supply you with the exact mix of skilled people you need to perform every aspect of installation – from setting up and labeling document folders to cataloguing content and converting data to training your staff on retrieving active or archived files online.

Our records personnel are even available over weekends or after hours to avoid disruption to your office operations.

Can you contract to have us handpick people to help you manage and run your system longer term? Absolutely. 

To outsource specialist records personnel for your business, simply call 1800 FORMFILE or use the Contact Us form.