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Formfile assists with Our Lady OF St Carmel Sunbury end of year Tidy Up

The team at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Sunbury called in Formfile to conduct a review of student records and maintain their archives in time for the end of the school year. They had student assessments, exit files and boxes of other files which needed sorted and added to the in house archive system.         Formfile's Nicola at work

Nicola; Formfile’s whizz Organiser who specialises in school archiving spent three days reviewing all retained paper documents, which we then sorted and categorised according to retention periods and destruction dates into Formfile’s Tidy Files archive boxes. The archive boxes placed into the dedicated archive shelving with all recorded documents; noting the box number and position location in the school database to ensure that they were easily retrievable. This has now cleared some space in the archive room and will make maintenance far easier and importantly the team at Our Lady of Mount Carmel will be able to find documents when needed. 

Formfile also assisted with the collection and secure shredding of boxes of documents that were no longer required.

Melissa Bonavia from Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Sunbury:

“It's been an absolute pleasure working with Nicola and Formfile.  I had been putting off tackling the Archive room, knowing the files had been let go in the last 4 or 5 years, but Nicola came in and worked wonders in just a few days.  Now I can get on with business and feel confident that our archives are well organised and we can keep the system going in the future.

Thanks Formfile/Tidy Files.”

Formfile Before Tidy UpBefore Formfile Tidy Up


                                               Before                                                                                              After