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If you're relocating your office any time in the next year, talk to us at Formfile and we can do the hard work for you

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Moving Office. No need to rush, it’s months away. There’s plenty of time, isn’t there?

Whether you are moving into larger premises or downsizing, you have chosen your new location to meet your needs. Offices, work spaces even car parks have been considered if not already planned. Someone has been allocated to organising power, phone and internet connections and others assigned to look after their needs.

However, too often company filing systems are overlooked in the planning, the assumption being – they will just be moved and fitted in. This can often lead to problems from day one in the new premises, extending to weeks and months of inefficient operations.

Formfile’s specialist consultants can help.

There is no better time to review your filing and archiving needs than as part of a relocation. Our specialist consultants can review your current system, suggest the most effective set up of cabinets, drawers and ‘compactus style’ systems for your new facilities. They can identify any possible new items and fully review your currently filing methods to see if there might be a more efficient method.

Once plans are agreed upon we can then handle the whole process for you. Organise the relocation and installation of existing filing equipment along with the addition of any new items that may be needed. All installed and ready for you to move in.

Specialist Personnel Outsourcing.

With everyone concentrating on organising their own office, inevitably the archived files tend to be left to the last minute. Usually this results in files being hastily stuffed into boxes and poorly catalogued. The result is they are either haphazardly re organised at the new office or sit around in boxes for ages until someone has time to go through them all – not the best way to start off in your new business premises, and costly in downtime.

Formfile can provide staff who are experts in handling file systems.

Our staff can carefully sort, label and box all your files. Then re-file them all at the other end so business can resume as normal. Better still, they can reorganise your files into that more efficient system you’ve never had the time to do before. Relocation is the ideal time for making these sort of improvements. During the process our trained personnel can also identify files for possible permanent archiving or destruction.

Archiving Services.

Why take those space consuming old files with you? Every company has old files and documents they need to keep for legal or ‘just in case’ reference purposes. They get archived in storage areas or rented storage lockers, and the older they get the harder they get to find when you need them.

Formfile provide secure, purpose built, environmentally controlled professional Archiving storage facilities.

Your files are safely stored and carefully catalogued ready for when you need them. We have retrieval and delivery services for next day delivery or for more urgent occasions we have a priority delivery service available within 2 hours of your request.

Document Scanning and Data Capture.

You’d love to save space but off site archiving is not an option? Formfile can provide document scanning services and enterprise level data capture software along with off-site secure, DataSafe Cloud Storage for digital files. Why not make the move to a fully Digital Office environment – ask us about our (EDMS) Electronic Digital Management Software.

Document Destruction.

With every move there are always documents that end up being discarded, usually ending up in the recycling bin. Unfortunately these documents often contain important company information and details containing personal client information which can be used for fraud and identity theft if not destroyed correctly. Formfile have the ideal solution.

Keep your information safe with Formfile Doc-shred security bins.

We will deliver the bins and pick them up when they are full ensuring the material is securely destroyed in our certified Document Destruction facilities. Getting our bins in early will encourage staff to sort and clean up files as they prepare, rather than leaving it all to the last minute rush. Alternatively, if you have a number of old archive boxes you want destroyed (or we can supply archive boxes to pack unwanted files into) we can arrange a bulk pick up (by police checked personnel) and arrange their safe destruction for you.

For more information visit or better still call 1800 FORMFILE and talk to one of our Customer Service Team members.  

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