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Formfile Scan on Demand Services

Are you trying to keep ahead of best practice and considering scanning all of your documents before they go into long term storage? This can be a time consuming and costly process as many records are never retrieved or reviewed once they go into archive storage.Formfile SCan on Demand

A scan on demand process can take care of the documents that are required; instead of retrieving your documents by either box or file, simply request that the files be scanned and the images sent to you. This process can be a next day or two-hour priority service.

Advantages of Scan on Demand


Start your document library or add to an ongoing document repository with documents that are actually relevant, in a simple and easy manner. Any requested documents will be imaged and sent electronically; the information captured will be able to be searched using OCR (optical character recognition) technology. This digitisation process is especially worthwhile when it concerns files which are regularly viewed or referred to, while leaving the originals safely in storage.


No longer will you have to worry about where documents are and into whose office they have disappeared. Files will no longer get lost as they can be placed in secure virtual folders or added to a document repository where they will be available for the team to share on an ongoing basis.


Imaged documents will be available and able to be reviewed by members of your organisation at any time, creating a central online database. This is particularly important if your business has multiple locations and if members from each site need access to the documents.


Large scale batch scanning is often not cost effective with only a small number of documents being regularly retrieved. The scan on demand model means that you only pay for the number of pages prepared and scanned and for the file retrieval. This information once scanned or imaged is available on an ongoing basis without any additional retrieval fees or delivery fees.

Central repository

A central document repository can be created and managed either within your business or by utilising Formfile’s online system. Formfile’s EDC Online can become the one place of truth for your archived documents. The online system can maintain the location and accessibility of your archived boxes and files while also containing a virtual image of the documents within.

Scan on Demand

Eliminate the substantial up-front costs of imaging boxes of information you may never need.

Use Formfile’s on-demand scanning services with a pay-as-you-go solution as the most cost-effective way to build your document imaging archive.

Call 1800FORMFILE or 03 9575 6666 to organise a scan on demand service for your archive files today.