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Don’t Gamble with Compliance

 The Australian aged care industry is currently undergoing significant changes in order to maintain high standards within the sector. The existing standards are outlined in the Quality of Care Principles 2014 which ensures that there is a high level of compliance required and a commitment to continuous improvement; however, from 2017 the Australian Government is committed to a Single Aged Care Quality Framework. This framework is designed to:

1. increase the focus on quality outcomes for consumers

2. recognise the diversity of service providers and consumers

3. simplify regulation and reduce effort for providers by:

            3.1 minimising duplication across the standards, provider responsibilities and legislative requirements and

            3.2 streamlining the way provider performance is assessed and monitored against quality standards.

A significant component of the streamlining and monitoring of provider performance and compliance will be around document management and control. Aged care facilities are required to keep a myriad of documentation in relation to their clients and staff; in particular, this is true for police checks for relevant aged care staff and volunteers and the compulsory reporting of sexual and serious physical assault.

Business documents form the backbone of any aged care business and hold information relevant to administration, accounts payable and receivable, staffing and HR files. In many cases such records are kept in storage spaces which could be better utilised for more appropriate items or in spaces which are not suitable for record keeping. Access and maintenance of these documents can also be problematic and could lead to potential OHS issues.

Making the decision to move your non-active client files and archived business records ‘off site’ provides a risk management strategy and saves on valuable space.  But it also raises two crucial questions:

1. Who do you entrust with securely storing such critical and confidential information and who are fully compliant with regulatory requirements?

2.How can you be sure your records remain easily retrievable at all times?

On both counts, Formfile provides the perfect answer.

Formfile understand and can assist in the development of Records Management policy. Our high security storage facilities and police checked personnel coupled with our proven systems and protocols guarantees rapid access to any stored paper document or digital file, Formfile ensures that your irreplaceable records are kept in the safest of hands. Formfile is compliant to ISO9001:2015 quality standards.