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As we move further along the path towards the digital solution, many of our clients ask questions such as: “why should we scan our documents and how should we do it?” As businesses need to keep their data for a varying number of years based on the type of information and compliance issues, scanning or imaging this data helps your business save money, time and space. The main reasons that Formfile recommends that businesses scan or “image” their data are:


Save Space – Storing paper documents in cabinets and compactus takes up an enormous amount prime real estate in your firm’s office. Imagine if you could leverage your office real estate by adding another income generating employee in the space saved or by reducing your total office footprint.


Save Time - Scanned documents allow your staff to quickly and efficiently retrieve documents. Built in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology means that there is a google like search function allowing for search of specific text throughout your whole document repository. Imagine if you had no “lost” documents and no time wasted searching through document archives for that one piece of information that you are looking for.


Save Money –Storing documents in an offsite self-storage unit can be a costly exercise. Not only are you paying for the unit and the internal shelving but for your staff productivity being compromised with time consuming trips to retrieve documents. Cut your storage costs, the number of employees needed to maintain and retrieve records and improve everyone’s productivity.


Save Staff Efficiency - Scanning your records can help you share the information in those records instantly with a variety of users, such as staff and customers in multiple locations. Scanned records can eliminate the need for costly reproduction and mailing. They are also easier to track electronically. Document scanning allows teams to work on projects across geographic areas. Company records can be accessed, modified, and uploaded simultaneously by everyone in the office, providing valuable information to your employees whenever they need it.


Save Your Business from Disaster - Scanned records can be an integral part of your businesses Disaster Recovery plan. What would be the consequences of losing all of your records? Most businesses only have one copy of their company records and store that on site. This puts you at risk for burglary, flood and fire. Scanned documents can be backed up to a remote server on a regular basis and really help solidify your disaster recovery plan


Formfile can pick up your files, scan and convert them to fully searchable digital files and store your files in our purpose built archiving facilities or securely destroy them. Formfile can also assist you with the Electronic Digital Management Software solutions to manage your scanned documents.