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Formfile - ISO 9001:2008 Certified
ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

Formfile is proudly part of The Information Management Group (TIMG). Together, we deliver the absolute best in information management and document storage.


With Formfile, there isn’t a document management issue that you can’t address.

• Do you often find yourself spending more time searching for documents than actually reading them?

• Are old data files clogging up and slowing down your computers?

• Is the sheer volume of printed records you keep on file eating up valuable office space?

• Are your filing cabinets full of documents that should have been archived or destroyed long ago?

• Does it worry you that confidential company information might be too easily seen by the wrong eyes?

• Do you sometimes feel that irreplaceable office archives would be safer stored in a fully secure ‘off-site’ environment – where they’re readily retrievable 24/7 – and protected from the risk of moisture damage, fire or theft? 

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these file management issues, no company is better equipped to help you solve them than Formfile.

Download Formfile Corporate BrochureWhether your business documents are paper-based or digitally produced, Formfile offers a complete suite of specialist services that allows organisations of every kind to more efficiently store, manage and access their records; and systematically ensure that, throughout the entire document life-cycle of ‘creation to cremation’, full compliance is maintained with strict Australian regulatory requirements.

Formfile the document life cycle specialists

Formfile has identified and addressed the five stages of the Document Lifecycle process:
Create > the lifecycle starts with the creation of a paper or digital document
Share > active documents are accessed and shared securely
Manage > systems and processes manage documents to meet compliance and quality standards
Protect > paper and digital documents are preserved throughout their life
Destroy > the lifecycle ends with total, confidential destruction


Formfile records management specialists

Specialist Consultants and Outsourcing Personnel Services.

Formfile consultants are well versed in assisting organisations of all sizes on projects of every scale and level of complexity. 

We can provide expertise across many areas of activity – including government, commercial, legal and accounting, building and construction, financial, medical and education.

Before you commit to anything, contact us to arrange an obligation free consultation and let us show how to save space, money and time.

Need help organising your files, sorting through archives, setting up efficient cataloguing systems or preparing files for transfer to new offices or storage? Call Formfile to outsource some specialist help and put your staff back to doing the work they're best at – knowing that your documents are in the very best hands. 


Formfile colour coded filing system for offices

Office filing supplies, filing cabinets and 'compactus' style shelving.

Formfile has invested enormous time and effort into developing market leading office filing systems and solutions which provide clients with long-term value.

We have everything you need to establish and maintain an efficient office file management system - from our colour-coded labeling system and custom designed and reinforced file covers to sturdy archive boxes and everything in between. Better still, because we manufacture our own products you can be assured they will always be in stock and available through our office supplies Online Shop

We also provide a range of ergonomically designed filing cabinets and stylish 'compactus style' mobile shelving units. These come in a selection of styles and colours to match your office decor and of course are perfectly suited to maximise the use of our filing products and accessories.

Not sure of the best solution for your office filing needs? Call for an obligation free consultation from one of our file management specialists.


Formfile digital office software and document management software

Electronic Data Management Software (EDMS) and services that are tried, tested and proven to work.

Formfile offers an advanced Document Scanning service with full OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so you can search the entire content of documents word for word – not just the catalogued title and description. 

Need to accurately convert paper-based information into high quality digital files that are for ready inclusion into your databases. Ask us about Formfile Data Capture - powered by Filebound, our enterprise processing software. Looking for a full EDMS digital office solution then Formfile Digital Office - powered by Filebound is the software for you,  suppling immediate results as soon as it's installed. Suitable for small and large businesses.

Formfile also provides a sophisticated, web-based Document Management System (EDC ActiveWeb) for clients to manage and control their entire catalogued inventory of archived company records from anywhere in the world, via a fully secure EDC ActiveFile web portal.

The final piece to our digital office solutions are our cost-effective and fully secure DataSafe Enterprise Level ‘Cloud’ Storage & Backup facilities.  


Formfile secure document storage in our confidential records archive centre in melbourne

Your stored files and documents are in safe hands.

Our secure document and data archive storage warehouses are specifically designed for the long-term storage and preservation of your files - be they paper, electronic or digital.

Our facilities include: environmentally controlled archive storage for paper documents; purpose built 'Data Rooms' for archival tapes, disks, hard drives and other digital media devices: plus secure locally based, mirrored enterprise level Cloud data storage for digital archiving.

Our document archive services are supported by – online EDC ActiveWeb access; bar coded tracking systems; 24/7 Access; 2 hour Priority retrieval; a company run GPS tracked courier service; customer service team support ; and the confidence of mandatory staff confidentiality agreements and police checks.


Formfile secure and certified document destruction

There’s no safer way to destroy unwanted documents and files.

Formfile offers a range of secure ‘door-to-door’ document shredding and certified destruction services.

Doc-Shred: Secure in-office file destruction. Formfile Doc-Shred Bins come in two sizes 240L and 120L (locked bins with security input slots) and are available for weekly, monthly or adhoc hire.

Archive Destruction: Bulk document and digital media destruction. Simply call Formfile’s Customer Service team to arrange for a bulk collection from your premises (or storage locker) and one of our dedicated couriers will conduct the transfer your out-dated archives to our certified destruction facilities.

‘Records-in-Storage’ Secure document destruction. Our three stage verification process ensures no documents are accidentally destroyed. Your destruction order is confirmed with a personal phone call, records are visually identified against recorded information, and then confirmed using a PDT barcode scanner to remove any possible risk of human error before being put through our destruction process.

'Scan & Destroy' Document digitising and destruction service. Need to save on storage space, but still need to keep a copy for your records? Formfile's Scan & Destroy service can digitise your files using advanced OCR and verification software, electronically archive the data and then securely destroy the originals. Meeting all legal requirements.