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At Formfile, we don’t just develop first class filing solutions. We support them all the way.

Over the years, Formfile has invested enormous time and effort into developing market leading office filing systems and solutions which provide clients with long-term value. Never just a short-term fix.


To overcome the problem of locating documents quickly or misplacing files, we’ve created special Colour Coded Lateral File Labels made with the finest colourfast inks. So over time, reds don’t fade to pink; and greens don’t start looking more like blue.

We’ve designed extra sturdy Archiving Folders with better reinforced seams and edges so they won’t easily tear, fall apart or become tatty with use.

We’ve developed File Covers that can be custom printed in line with each client’s individual filing needs and corporate branding. These enable you to more efficiently record and track your documents; and are something you won’t find in any ‘stock standard’ office supplies outlet.

We’ve succeeded in producing long-life Archive Boxes which refuse to crush or split, even when they’re filled to capacity with weighty documents and stacked 5-high in storage.

We’ve assembled an exclusive range of premium quality Filing Cabinets and Shelving Units which, along with complementing your ‘modern office’ décor (and helping save significant floor space), can be flexibly configured to suit your exact company filing requirements.

Importantly, we’ve also made a firm commitment to protect the integrity and support the performance of more than 3,500 Formfile client installations operating throughout Australia.; and this support is ongoing and without fail.

Continuity of Supply is Assured.

Formfile maintains stocks of every single office filing product and systems component needed for our clients to not only continue running their existing Formfile Records Management Solution but also to progressively add to and update it as the need arises. Better still, you’ll now find all our office filing furniture, equipment and consumables in our 24/7 Online Store, making it simpler than ever to shop for (and re-order) whatever you require, whenever you want, wherever you are.

We specialise in Custom Designed and Printed Files.

We can even custom print files and folders with your own branding and filing requirements.

Call our friendly team on 1800FORMFILE to discuss your specific needs.