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Formfile EDC ActiveWeb system
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EDC ActiveWeb: Gives you 24/7 connectivity to all your archived documents and digital files.

Formfile utilises a highly sophisticated, web-based document management system (called EDC ActiveWeb) which all our archive clients can readily access online 24/7 to manage and control their entire catalogued inventory of archived company records – via a fully secure (and mutiple entry level protected) EDC ActiveFile portal – from anywhere in the world.How to retrieve a box from Formfile's Records Centre

This simple-to-use, field proven system enables you to accurately identify the contents and label number of any of your barcoded Archive Boxes; quickly lodge orders for the retrieval of any stored paper document or digital file; and provide instructions and timelines for its safe Formfile courier return.

It provides a full audit trail and report of all ‘retrieval and return’ movements between Formfile’s Records Centres and your company premises. So you can always trace the whereabouts of all your archives.

It allows you to easily organise new barcode labels for new additions you wish to store with Formfile; or request to have more new documents added to an existing Adding a file an archive box in Formfile Records CentreArchive Box.

It can even let you know which of your archived documents and files have reached their legal ‘due-for-destruction’ date. So you’re not paying to store records you don’t need to keep.

For more information on Formfile's EDC ActiveWeb call 1800 FORMFILE or     EMAIL US