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Specialised Digital Media & Data Storage Facilities.

Formfile Media data storage facilitiesEach Formfile Records Centre has a Data Room purpose-designed to safely store everything from archival tapes, disks and hard drives to digital media devices containing historical data files that need to be retained for business reasons or legal compliance.

Formfile digital media and data storage facilities are environmentally controlled for optimal air quality and temperature. Humidity levels are constantly monitored and maintained and as you would expect; the secure storage facility is well protected by ‘Electronic Card Access’ and sophisticated fire prevention and detection systems.

Formfile’s Electronic Document Cataloguing System (EDCS)

Just like our paper document archiving storage service all stored data/devices are bar coded and catalogued in our online EDC Active Web system for fast and easy retrieval and return 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; and when its urgently needed, you can always use our 2 hour ‘Priority’ delivery service.

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