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Formfile digital office data capture
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Formfile Data Capture: The ultimate in ‘Paper to Digital File’ Conversion.

Formfile Data Capture is state-of-the-art 'enterprise' form processing software designed to measurably reduce the time and cost involved in accurately converting paper-based information into high quality digital files ready for inclusion into your databases. 

Formfile Data Capture fully automates most processes; and cleverly incorporates everything from Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to recognising barcodes and all types and classifications of forms - including invoices.

It allows you easily capture data – whether you’re using a scanner, importing files from disk or polling a directory; and applies advanced image enhancement and gray-scale technologies to prepare your images for maximum results.

It has the ability to find the best match between incoming documents and a library of templates; and the power to process any desired volume of forms.

It features built-in data validation tests that enable increased accuracy - and allows for dictionaries to be linked to fields; addresses compared to postal databases; line items checked for consistency; and totals to be calculated and compared. 

It enables manual data verification for questionable characters; and exports all data in standard XML or CSV formats, along with images – allowing for ‘hassle-free’ future retrieval. 

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