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Formfile Document Management Consultancy Services.

Formfile’s reputation for creating cost effective document management solutions of the highest calibre is due in no small part to the care our consultants take in fully understanding each client’s individual filing and storage issues and then addressing them in the most efficient way.

No matter how simple or sophisticated your filing requirements are, Formfile’s focus is always on delivering maximum value for the dollars you invest. This is achieved by tailoring top quality systems to suit your specific paper and/or digital document needs; and also ensuring that the business solution you install today is able to grow (and cope) with the escalating demands of tomorrow.

Formfile consultants are well versed in assisting organisations of all sizes on projects of every scale and level of complexity; and provide expertise across many areas of activity – including government, commercial, legal and accounting, building and construction, financial, medical and education.

Six Key Steps to Filing System Success.

Formfile document life cycle specialists

1. Conduct a Comprehensive Audit

Through our initial audit process we look carefully at how your business operates in order to identify what is (and isn’t) working within your current Records Management system. We then pinpoint where changes are needed to modernise and improve both office efficiency and day-to-day workflow.

2. Create Appropriate Document Classification and Indexing

Using proven products and market leading technologies, we custom design a system to suit your exact document handling needs, fully taking into account your specified budget, personnel numbers, work procedures and any requirement for a paper and/or electronic system solution.

3. Determine & Supply Required Filing Consumables

To ensure you have all the right folders, labels and fasteners to set up and operate your new filing system, Formfile stocks and supplies a full range of consumables to support your ongoing custom requirements.

4. Support the Conversion of Existing Filing Systems

Upgrading your existing records management System does not have to be a daunting task for your office staff – nor a process that disrupts your business.
Formfile offers the services of highly trained Records Personnel who can assist you with all facets of file conversion and systems transition.

5. Design and Implement Document Archiving Processes

This is not only aimed at keeping your active files at a more manageable size but also making inactive files simpler to access whenever you need them.

6. Identify & Destroy Obsolete Files and Documents

We can help you determine which of your records on file are no longer needed and arrange for them to be securely destroyed.