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DataSafe: Enterprise Level ‘Cloud’ Storage & Backup.

Today, all companies are faced with the challenge of not only processing ever increasing volumes of data, but finding a secure, scalable and cost-efficient means of protecting it. So there is no risk of losing ‘business critical’ data; being unable to recover from a ‘disaster’ situation; or failing to meet strict compliance laws governing the retention and ‘on-request’ retrieval of archived files.

DataSafe Cloud Storage

Formfile DataSafe is an enterprise level, cloud-based storage and backup service that provides a truly outstanding solution.

  • It's located onshore - keeping your valuable, confidential information under the auspices of Australian regulations and 'best practice' procedures.
  • For maximum security, our DataSafe system is 'mirrored' and stores your data in not one but two separate government approved locations.
  • It's designed to repeatedly and automatically back up every byte of your data without fail - at any time interval you wish to set.
  • It even enables you to transmit all business data with the same sophisticated encrypted security used by banks.
  • Totally control who can access your files;
  • Enjoy instant 24/7 online access to all your company records
  • Safely share data with colleagues and clients from anywhere in the world.

To discuss how our Document Archiving and Data Storage Services can benefit your business, call 1800 FORMFILE or    EMAIL US