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South Pacific Laundry - The Sustainable Laundry

South Pacific Laundry - The Sustainable Laundry

The Organisation

South Pacific Laundry is a large forward-thinking industrial laundry which services large, high value clients. South Pacific Laundry has invested in ‘state of the art’ technology in order to increase efficiency, productivity and minimize their environmental footprint. They also continually upgrade their equipment and systems to ensure they keep up with technological change.

The Challenge

Phase 1: To create an automated system which integrates with several existing pieces of software to automatically process documents into the ELO Digital Office - Document Management System; the automation of business processes being a key driver in improving business efficiencies.

Kevin De, IT and Communication Officer says: “We have been using ELO since early 2012 and never looked back. ELO is now one of the major components in our organization and is very effective in helping us to achieve high performance in our daily operation.”