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Formfile Case Studies

Premier Plumbing

Premier Plumbing

Matt Harriden from Premier PlumbingThe Organisation

Premier Plumbing Australia a dynamic, Brisbane-based commercial plumbing company established to fill a gap in the market for a truly dependable, efficient and customer-focused plumbing service.


The Challenge

To provide an integrated and efficient system of filing for both soft and hard copy information, as required by the Australian Standard ISO 9001:2000 Quality System, and implemented to ensure clients receive superior on-time and on-budget outcomes.

The Solution

A Formfile colour-coded lateral filing system consisting of Formfile FF1 files covers, complete with internal FileFast clips and Formfile FFW Wallets was implemented. Space-saving Tambour door cabinets were installed to hold the files, which feature doors that retract into the body of the cabinet, ensuring savings in floorspace and efficiency. A Formfile Records Manager was also employed to create the naming and indexing criteria for the new files, and Records Personnel staff completed the conversion from the existing method into the new Formfile filing system.

Premier Plumbing Cabinet