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Formfile Case Studies

Perpetual Trustees

Perpetual Trustees


The Perpetual Trustees Storage Project

About Perpetual Trustees

Perpetual Trustees' relocation to their new premises on Collins Street, Melbourne, called upon the expertise of architects, subcontractors, project managers and builders. During this process, Formfile was appointed to create a suitable and innovative storage solution that would work with and enhance the structural and architectural layout of the new premises.

The Winning Streak

Karen Baynes of Smith Madden Group (responsible for the designs for the Perpetual Trustees project) attributes the thoroughness of the needs analysis and audit conducted by Formfile Information Management Consultant, Tony Bell, along with Tony's 'grass roots product knowledge' as Formfile’s competitive edge in winning the Perpetual Trustees project. Formfile are, 'the experts on Compactus units and file storage solutions,' said Karen Baynes.

How It Was

The General Investment storage area originally consisted of timber joinery.

How They Wanted It

The requirements of Perpetual Trustees' new storage facilities were identified by their staff and management:
The Wills compactus to accommodate the Perpetual and AXA Wills collections with a 20% storage buffer to allow for future growth.
Perpetual Trustees' Investments (Wills and Deeds) and Private Clients, as well as AXA's Wills had to be incorporated into the one site.
The new requirement for the Deeds storage should be half of its current capacity (as a result of some file changes).
Formfile had to cater for existing storage and allow for a 20% growth factor.
To reduce access time and increase the ease and accessibility of files in storage
To minimise the floor space required for storage while maximising storage capacity

Then Formfile came along ...

Formfile’s original quote for Perpetual Investments was basic, consisting of the supply of a number of Compactus units. By completion, the project had grown to an investment of over $32,000 which worked to incorporate storage for both Perpetual Trustees' Investments and Private Clients, as well as AXA's Wills.

The Change

Formfile was required to liaise with the architect, project manager and builder (ISIS Interiors) in order to determine the exact requirements and ensure all work was coordinated.
The project required great flexibility on behalf of all parties involved. As Perpetual Trustees' original brief was altered mid-way through the project with the acquisition of the AXA Wills, the number of files to accommodate and thus, the storage space required increased.
Formfile’s tailored storage solution maintained the aesthetic appearance of Perpetual Trustees' office space, while continuing to accommodate their expanding storage requirements.
Formfile subcontractors worked tirelessly on site for a total of approximately 109 hours over 7 days to implement the transformation.

The Challenge

'The easiest part of the project was recommending the right product based on Perpetual Trustees requirements. The real challenge, or rather, the 'juggling act', was fitting the system into the specified floor space,' says Tony Bell. Not only was the nature of the building limiting but the strict guidelines pertaining to the placement of storage within the building was also a key issue. The placing of the compactus units also had to allow access to mechanical equipment stored in the above ceilings. Structural adjustments were made where required such as in the case of the fire-rated storeroom where a partition wall was changed in order to maximise space.
Great consideration had to be taken with regard to the storage specification, design and layout in the fire-rated storage room due to the sensitivity of the deeds and wills, ensuring all safety requirements were met. Formfile, observing that floor space was at a premium priority, installed 4 new compactus units in the new Fire Room for Deeds and Wills, and in the new Private Perpetual Client and Charitable Trust Stores. Two of Perpetual Trustees existing storerooms, Private Clients and Investments were also transformed to maximise storage capacity and provide the required storage allowance for future expansion. These storage solutions complemented and enhanced their filing system, which was already maintained in good form thanks to Formfile’s colour-coded filing system.

The Benefits of the Formfile System for Perpetual Trustees

Improved space efficiency
All files consolidated into one place
The Formfile storage solution met the requirements of the new fire-rated area
Reduced time spent on file retrieval
Minimised floor space required for storage while maximising storage capacity
Storage space was significantly increased and provision made for 20% expansion capacity
The company now achieves 14 linear metres of filing per square meter (equal to approximately 7 four-drawer filing cabinets)