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Formfile Case Studies

Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Sunbury

Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Sunbury

Tidy but not organised?

Formfile can assist with your school end of year Tidy Up

Case Study

The Organisation

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Sunbury is a local Catholic primary school who believes in a school community that is inclusive, encompassing Parish, families and the wider community.

The Challenge

 The team at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Sunbury called in Formfile to conduct a review of student records and maintain their archives in time for the end of the school year. They had student assessments, exit files and boxes of other files which needed sorted and added to the in house archive system. Staff had removed items from boxes, leaving post it notes to identify the retrieved files. Once they had finished with the files they were placed into archive boxes, awaiting the refile process. The files had been waiting for permanent refiling for between four to five years, and during this period were not easily locatable nor retrievable. The boxes had built up and spilled into other areas of the school; located in cupboards, offices and other storage areas.

The administration team were busy with their day to day tasks and had been putting off working on the overdue filing.

The Solution

Nicola; Formfile’s whizz Organiser who specialises in school archiving spent three days reviewing all retained paper documents, which were then sorted and categorised according to retention periods and destruction dates. They were filed into Formfile’s Tidy Files archive boxes. The archive boxes were placed into the dedicated school archive shelving with all documents recorded; noting the box number and position location. A school database was created to ensure that the files were easily located and retrievable. Formfile was also able to review retention periods on all files and ensure that the correct retention periods were applied to all in house documentation.

As a result of the file review, a large quantity of documents were identified as being no longer current and requiring secure document shredding. Formfile provided secure document bins which were filled and then removed from Our Lady of Mount Carmel in GPS monitored vehicles to the shredding location.

Formfile also assisted with the collection and secure shredding of boxes of documents that were also no longer required.