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Formfile Case Studies

Meriton Apartments

Meriton Apartments

The Organisation

The largest residential property developer in NSW has saved more than 7 square metres of floor space and 7.5 hours a week in filing time by implementing a Formfile system. Meriton Apartments is a fully integrated group which controls the whole development process - from land acquisition to property management. The Property Management department had out grown their existing office and used the relocation process to implement a previously identified Formfile solution.

The Challenge

Formfile conducted an analysis of the space devoted to 16 filing cabinets and time needed to access files.
Meriton then asked Formfile to comprehensively manage the change to the new system.

The Solution

Formfile recommended switching from the conventional filing cabinets to open bay shelving. It saved more than 7 square metres of office space. Colour coding the files saved the department 7.5 hours of filing time per week.

To speed the conversion process, Formfile obtained a listing of all files in electronic format and commenced its standard off-site labeling program. Within one week nearly 2000 new Formfile files had been created and labeled to Meriton's specifications.
Formfile Records Personnel staff worked on-site for one day to transfer all information to the new files, minimising the strain on Meriton staff who were already pressured to keep up with their everyday tasks while coping with the move to the new offices.
The Formfile implementation was so successful, another system has been ordered for the Meriton Legal department.