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Formfile Case Studies

Deer Park

Deer Park

Deer Park Club Inc. engaged Formfile to assist them with process improvement around their documents and subsequent workflows. As part of the works it was established that Deer Park Club Inc. could substantially benefit from the introduction of a Voltage Power Optimisers unit.

Voltage optimisation is an electrical energy saving technique in which a device is installed, in series, with the mains electricity supply to provide an optimum supply voltage for the site’s equipment. The technology has a significant impact on the amount of energy used as it brings the voltage supplied by the grid in line with what is actually required on site.

.               Any incoming power higher than the level needed is wasted energy and this means organisations are paying for power that is not required and not used. Voltage optimisation deals with this oversupply and brings incoming mains supply in line with what equipment requires to run at its most efficient level, thus saving money, lowering carbon emissions, helping equipment last longer and reducing maintenance costs.

Deer Park Club was able to achieve the following headline benefits upon the installation of their Voltage Optimisation technology.

  •  Annual CO2 reduction of 126 Tonnes
  • Annual kWh reductions of 104,784 kW
  • 10 year power saving costs of $184,389
  • All achieved with a ROI of 36 months

David Thompson from Deer Park Club Inc. was “impressed by the level of professionalism from the sales consultant and the installation team.”