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Formfile Case Studies

Corpus Christi Primary School - Werribee

Corpus Christi Primary School - Werribee

Corpus Christi Primary School recently engaged Nicola Evans from the Formfile/Tidy Files team to do an annual review of their current files and archived materials. Nicola and Tidy Files have been assisting Corpus Christi Primary School with their records for the last 4 years and provide records management support based on their knowledge of the Education Industry.

 Nicola reviewed 2016 records over two days and collated and catalogued them by type of file and destruction date. The files range from financial records and general school Admin; to student records and school curriculum; each file type requiring a different retention period. Nicola’s experience within the Education Industry allows her to quickly identify types of records and their respective retention periods. The files designated for retention were then packed into Tidy Files boxes and prepared for long term storage.

 The archive spreadsheet was updated to assist the Corpus Christi team to quickly and efficiently retrieve their archived materials.

Formfile delivered secure destruction bins to site and older archived materials were reviewed for destruction. The unwanted files were securely destroyed and the pulped material recycled into cardboard and recycled paper; ensuring that the process remained both confidential and environmentally friendly.

 Jenni Warren from the Corpus Christi School said. “I don’t know how we survived before Nicola and Formfile/Tidy Files, what used to be an arduous task is now worry free and seamless.”