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Formfile Case Studies

Barassi & Co

Barassi & Co

The Organisation

A medium sized chartered accounting practice suffering from 'growing pains' used Formfile to regain control of a horror filing system that had totally engulfed their entire board room. It took Formfile just two weeks to convert their old system without disrupting daily operations and deliver dramatic cost and efficiency benefits.

The Challenge

Principal, Ken Barassi felt the filing system in operation at the time did not add value to office performance. He wanted to improve maintenance time and reduce space required for existing files.
The current system comprised 1200 suspension files and lever arch type binders in two compactus units which were monopolising what was previously the board room.
Clips were not used in manila folders resulting in lost or misplaced records and the system had no means of recognising misfiles.

The Solution

Compactus unit capacity was increased by 35%, by replacing the suspension pockets frame with steel shelves and file support racks
A further 40% increase in compactus unit capacity was achieved by converting the lever arch based corporate registers to large capacity Formfile "five" file covers and relocating them to the least used compactus unit
Coding files with alpha coloured labels increased file access and management time by 60%, while eliminating stray paperwork and misfiling
By using an off site labeling service, the new system was implemented during a painless 2 week conversion process without disrupting daily operations.