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Formfile Case Studies

Artarmon Public School

Artarmon Public School

Artarmon Public School is a growing public school in Sydney’s Northern suburbs. The Music Department was looking for ways that it could save space and become more efficient in their busy Music Room. The sheet music was kept in a variety of folders and it was difficult and time consuming to locate the necessary music in for each class.

Formfile’s Information Management Consultant suggested that the sheet music be filed into lateral wallets and filed into 4 large tambour cabinets. The Formfile-style wallets were customised so that they were secured with a flap of Velcro and displayed the Artarmon Public School logo on the front. A filing structure was created specifically with the needs of the Music teacher in mind and all the files were labelled with Formfile’s colour coded filing system. The new wallets were placed into space saving Formfile tambour cabinets; the doors of which are specially designed to retract into cabinets.

Artarmon Public School

"I was truly amazed and thrilled to immediately experience how much extra time I now have for teaching and the students have for learning as a result of implementing Formfile’s smart system of Filing." – Band Leader-Matthew Walmsley