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Formfile Case Studies

Ambulance Employees Association South Australia

Ambulance Employees Association South Australia

The Organisation:

The AEA of SA is unique in Australia as one of the last small unions that have not been swallowed up by a large conglomerate union. Despite their small size they have kept SA Ambos up with, or ahead of, interstate wages, and have succeeded in pushing clinical delivery where SAAS is easily the best in Australia.

The Problem:

AEA of SA maintained the location and retention dates of all their current data as a manual process. They wanted to move towards a “less paper “office and to track, store and easily access files and information electronically.

The Solution:

The AEA of SA purchased one of Formfile’s 5 User Professional Packs to manage their hardcopy documents. All correspondence such as mail, emails and other documents were imaged and stored in ELO Enterprise Content Management. The physical location of all paper documents is now managed through ELO Professional’s simple user interface. With ELO’s OCR capabilities and full text search they are able to easily locate any information through a key word search.

The AEA’s requirement to manage its filing has been an on-going challenge. Finding the right Company and product to service our records management needs was a daunting problematic task. After much deliberation Formfile Records Management Group were chosen. They were able to deliver a comprehensive proposal outlining the implementation of the ELO Digital EDMS solution. This combined with their professional attitude, support and ability to communicate the benefits of ELO was the defining factor to our decision. Very happy with our purchase!