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Formfile Case Studies

ABB Engineering

ABB Engineering

The Organisation

ABB Engineering halved their filing access time from 2 minutes per file to 1 minute, and stored twice as many files in half the space by migrating to a Formfile system.

The Challenge

The ABB Human Resources Department had four 4-drawer filing cabinets with approximately 60 files per drawer, each in a suspension pocket.
The three staff accessing the files cited misfiling, single user accessibility only, lengthy retrieval times and no expansion capability as the main problems to be solved.

The old system:

Consumed 2.25 square meters of floor space with the drawers open
Had a 2 minute access time per file
Provided 7.17 linear meters of storage space
Provided 3.19 linear meters of filing per square meter

The Solution

Is multi user friendly, so many users can access its files at the same time
Has eliminated misfiling through the use of colour coding
Provided a 50% reduction in floor space. ie: 0.97 square meters.
Provided a 50% reduction in access time per file. ie: 1 minute
Provided a 124% increase in storage space. ie: 16.1 linear metres
Provided a 238% increase in filing per square meter and expansion capacity. The company now achieves16.66 linear metres of filing per square meter, and may be expanded by 6.47 linear metres (equal to approx. three 4-drawer filing cabinets)