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Rigorous protocols ensure your stored files and documents are in safe hands.

Making the decision to move your archived company records ‘off site’ to save on valuable office space (or free up clogged computer systems) makes infinite business sense.  But it also raises two crucial questions –
Who do you entrust with securely storing such critical and confidential information – in full compliance with regulatory requirements?
and ‘How can you be sure it remains readily retrievable at all times?


On both counts, Formfile provides the perfect ‘protective’ answer.

From our high security storage facilities and police checked personnel to our proven systems (and protocols) for delivering rapid access to any stored paper document or digital file, Formfile rigourously ensures that your irreplaceable records are in the safest of hands.

Our unique system of having all stored Archive Boxes specially barcoded and linked to a fully indexed Electronic Document Cataloguing System (EDC) allows you to instantly arrange retrieval of any archived document you need to view, use or update – 24/7. Simply by accessing your secure online ActiveFile portal.