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About our company.

Since commencing operations in 1988, Formfile has firmly established itself as Australia’s leading provider of Records Management Solutions. Offering public and private sector clients, large and small, access to a complete (and unique) suite of services specially developed to measurably improve efficiencies at each and every stage of the ‘Document Life-Cycle’.

Formfile the document lifecycle specialistsWe’re a company who understands that once any paper or digital document is created, it must be able to be readily shared by collaborating colleagues; or kept ‘strictly confidential’ for a select few to see.

It must be managed by filing systems and document archiving processes which not only make it quick and easy to locate, but which also meet compliance and quality standards.

It must be securely protected against the risk of damage or permanent loss for as long as its useful life (or the law) demands; and when that finally ends it must be totally and irretrievably destroyed for legal and security reasons, not to mention removing unneeded storage costs.

From long experience in dealing with a diverse range of industries, what we also recognise is that everyone’s Records Management needs and challenges are different – and that while some organisations are looking for cost effective answers for just part of the document life-cycle, others are seeking integrated ‘enterprise level’ ways to save time, space and money across the board.

Formfile was acquired by the New Zealand based G3 Group in January 2016. The G3 Group,with its three principal business divisions offers Formfile far reaching synergies and increased growth potential with access to new technology workflows and a high level of corporate knowledge in document management, telecommunication and mail operations.

Custom Solutions for Every Client Situation.

Download Formfile Corporate BrochureNo matter which field you work in, or what kind of business documents you handle, Formfile’s approach to creating custom filing solutions that deliver maximum value is always the same.

It begins with our expert Document Management Consultants thoroughly appraising your current systems and filing procedures and providing specialist advice on the mix of modern-day products and services needed to best help you achieve your specific business goals.

It extends to ensuring that the implementation of your paper-based and/or digital solution is both painless and seamless, whether it’s physically located within your premises, computer linked to Formfile’s secure Records Storage Facility or delivering online access to your archived documents via the ‘cloud’.

Just as importantly, it means that your best practice Formfile document management solution will be continually (and proactively) supported throughout its entire business life. Helping your business to maintain the highest levels of office efficiency, corporate governance and ongoing service to customers.