ancillary products

Our ancillary products add to the convenience of the Formfile system.

These optional extras are designed  to increase the efficiency of your colour coded filing system.

The Formfile colour coded filing system was designed to save you time, space and money.

Our range of optional extras include:

  • Data Box: Easy way to transfer files between the central filing and your desk.
  • Attach-a-Tab: Adhesive tabs for file conversion of regular files and manila folders to colour-coding system.
  • Outguides and Transit Slips: Track files being used or taken from central filing system.
  • Standard Archive Box: Strong Standard A4 size two-piece archive box and lid, for off-site storage of your inactive files.
  • Label Dispenser Box: Convenient access to label rolls, clip together to create sets of A-Z and 0-9.
  • Three ring binder: Store your label sheets.
  • File fasteners: Designed to keep your documents where you want them.


ancillary products

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