Formfile: the document lifecycle specialists

Formfile's years of experience in the Information Management field has established us as "the document lifecycle specialists".

We can help you introduce file management systems that will produce such exceptional efficiency, save space and money – you’ll wonder how you managed to run your business without it.

Formfile has identified the five stages of the Formfile Document Lifecycle:

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Create > the lifecycle starts with the creation of a paper or digital document.
Share > active documents are accessed and shared securely
> systems and processes manage documents to meet compliance
and quality standards
Protect > paper and digital documents are preserved throughout their life
Destroy > the lifecycle ends with total, confidential destruction


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create the best digital or analogue system to suit your needs
 secure distribution of information, version control and efficient management of information.
find the most efficient system to manage your corporate files and records.
ensure the safety of your business records
Secure and permanent destruction of files